Jarosław Łukasik

"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it. "

Lidia Głuchowska

Space - interaction – alienation. The painting by Jarosław Łukasik

Apparently cool and hermetic, these paintings are defined by coincidentia oppositiorum, a dissonance of intellectual discipline and lyricism, scant in value, matt planes and fluorescently glittering details, compact composition and vast spaces, built against the contrast of geometric spots and organic forms, unexpected in this context, as if from another ontological orders e provocative silent paintings emanate with narration.


The geometry as if from the classical avant-garde is broken by the uneasiness in the background and the atmosphere of magical realism, filtered through the personal experiences of the artist and through a few decades of critical and self-critical reflection of other artists of the second half of the 20th century.


What dominates here is the aura of waiting, tension, stagnation (?), and anxiety - although these pictures do not depict endless spaces of ancient towns and mythological props but almost chamber-like interiors or secluded backstreets, the secrets of the past or expected drama. The actors have gone off the stage or perhaps they are about to appear on it. The apparent distance and impersonality of narration do not allow us to trace those whom it pertains to directly. Like anonymous communicates, these paintings appeal to the viewer, and permeate the limited and undefined space.